About Portland Wedding and Portrait Photographers, Daniel and Lindsay Stark



We are Daniel and Lindsay Stark and before we were Stark Photography, we met in a very serendipitous way.

On the first day of a college photography course many moons ago, Daniel walked in 5 minutes late. There was only one seat left and it happened to be right next to Lindsay.

We didn’t quite know it yet but it was the start of our relationship and future career. Daniel went on to photograph at the college newspaper and local publications, while Lindsay continued a love affair with fine art photography. Together, they loved being behind the camera and capturing human emotions and stories…which led them to their first wedding. And then another. And another.

We married in June of 2008 and quickly started Stark Photography. Being photographers who were tying the knot ourselves, we understood first hand the importance and value of wedding photography. Every wedding we photograph reminds us of our own in some ways and that understanding has fueled us ever since.

In May of 2015, we welcomed the newest member of our team, our daughter, Penelope Stark. Now, at weddings. we find ourselves photographing weddings as if it were our daughter getting married. More so than ever, you can probably find Lindsay tearing up behind the camera during the parent dances or speeches.

Besides priding ourselves on the art of wedding photography, we love traveling, meeting new people and experiencing new things. You can find Daniel catching waves or running marathons, wherever he goes. Lindsay loves yoga and is a certified yoga teacher. You can sometimes catch her in a pose, be it on land or underwater.



We want you to look back through your weddings photos and no matter how many days, months or years have passed, we want you to feel the same happiness as you did on the day you were married.

Our approach is to capture the spirit and emotion of your wedding in an artistic and creative way while at the same time revealing moments that might have gone unnoticed.

Your wedding photos are a piece of your legacy.
They will be works of art.
And they will be just like you: real, fun and filled with love.



Your experience is as important to us as your photos.

You’ll be spending almost as much time with us on your wedding day as you will be with each other. We want you to feel comfortable with us, both on and off camera, and trust that you and your wedding photos are in great hands.

The best compliment we continue to receive is how people feel like we’re a guest, that we remain unobtrusive yet at the same time, capturing everything. (Like little ninjas – everywhere but never seen!)

Watch the video below to hear directly from a few of our wedding couples about their experience with us.