Photo by: Lindsay
Portland Engagement Photos
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Lindsay
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Chris & Laura

Overlook Park Engagement

May 30, 2013, Posted in Engagement
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Chris and Laura’s Overlook Park engagement session was the first time we have been to a shoot that started with the groom making us handcrafted cocktails. Chris has a gift for creating these delicious drinks and we can’t think of a better way to get relaxed before venturing out for photos. After polishing off our spirits (Aviation for Lindsay, Old Fashioned for Daniel, by the way), Chris and Laura took us to a nearby tree that has special meaning for them. We loved hearing their story and look forward to their wedding celebration this summer.


  1. Awesome- loved them all. Great location, very nice photos. Well done.

  2. Bridget

    Gorgeous! These photos definitely capture the beautiful love between you both. So excited for the wedding!

  3. Sharon

    Awesome! I just got so excited for your wedding. You guys look amazing in these shots.

  4. Rachel

    So beautiful! I especially like the one where you abandon all the well trod paths and tromp in the tall grass instead. :)

  5. caitlin

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple. Definitely the best engagement photos I have ever seen.

  6. Jordan Wigg

    Love the Vans, Chris. Can’t wait to see the photos to come!

  7. Peggy Dyer


  8. Leeroy von Kilamanjaro

    So pretty!

  9. Caitlin

    Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple! Can’t wait for the big day!

  10. Myriah

    The one of Laura’s back and Christopher making cocktails is fantastic

  11. Myriah

    So lovely! Cant wait to celebrate on the big night

  12. Brinn


  13. Damon

    Love them!

  14. Cheri

    These are gorgeous!! Laura, you and Chris look great!

  15. Mommer Althouse

    I can’t wait to have this picture for my photo wall upstairs! Great job you guys! Love, Mommer

  16. Meg

    Great photos! They don’t look like most of the engagement pics I see–they are beautiful!

  17. Lori

    These photos are fantastic….a true reflection of you both….can’t wait to see you!!
    PS. Really looking to a few of those personally tailored cocktails..yummmmmmmY

  18. Nicola Edge

    What fantastic photos, and what a gorgeous couple, Laura & Chris you’re radiating happiness, keep it that way!

  19. Mike

    Great photos!! The photos captured two people who are much in love.

  20. Judy

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Sandy Dyer-Wigg

    Beautiful photos. Stunning subjects. My favorite is the one with Laura’s hand on Christopher’s heart.

  22. Ken Silvio

    These are really unique photographs. What a beautiful couple. The photos capture their love for each other and their wonderful spirit.

  23. These are great! Well done man!

  24. Too cool. And those cocktails look pretty fine as well!


  1. […] we were looking forward to throughout the entire summer. As was evident in their cocktail inspired engagement session early this year, these two have a simple ease about them that makes you smile. They are exceptional […]

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