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Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
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Photo by: Daniel

Kathryn & Bob

Maui Four Seasons Engagement

April 10, 2013, Posted in Engagement
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We first met Kathryn, an international yoga teacher, in Greece on a retreat she was leading and we became fast friends. We immediately clicked with her energy, drive, passion and sense of humor. During that trip, we did a photoshoot with Kathryn, drank wine on a boat, ate way too much feta cheese and talked a lot about her love back home, Bob. We knew we had found a kindred spirit in Kathryn and couldn’t wait to meet her counterpart that we had heard so much about.

Fast forward to February, where we found ourselves with Kathryn again, taking photos in another beautiful location…Maui. This time, Bob had joined Kathryn for her retreat and we finally got to meet the man himself. Kathryn and Bob are a fun loving couple who met in an unlikely way…skydiving. It’s a long story that cannot possibly be told better than Kathryn herself but the short of it is that when Kathryn decided to go skydiving for the first time, she didn’t expect to fall in love with her instructor (Bob).

Back to Maui…on the 2nd night, Bob pulled Daniel aside to reveal his plans to propose to Kathryn. Of course, he wanted Daniel to photograph it and we all concocted a plan to document the proposal and celebrate after. That night, myself, our friend Kate (who was also in Greece), Kathryn’s mom Gretchen and her manager Amy hid behind a hedge above the beach and waited for the moment. Meanwhile, Daniel attempted to hide behind some branches which ended up being a humorous failure as Kathryn slightly spotted him on her way out to the beach.
But all was forgotten when Bob got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She said yes, we all screamed, Daniel ran in for the close ups, champagne was had and wedding planning began. It was completely perfect and an honor to be a part of. We look forward to their wedding next year and many years of laughter and shenanigans with these two.

Cheers to KaBob! Enjoy your Maui Four Seasons engagement photos. We love you.


  1. Aubrie LeGault

    What a FUN story and you captured some great moments.

  2. Gorgeous story and photographs!!!

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