Tanner Springs Park Engagement Shoot (3)
Photo by: Lindsay
Tanner Springs Park Engagement Shoot (5)
Photo by: Daniel
Tanner Spring Park Engagement_0001-2
Photo by: Lindsay
Tanner Springs Park Engagement Shoot (4)
Photo by: Daniel
Tanner Springs Park Engagement Shoot (2)
Photo by: Daniel

Larry & Domi

Pearl District Engagement

June 3, 2013, Posted in Engagement
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We’re so happy to share these Pearl district engagement photos with Domi and Larry, an easy going, fun couple whose Portland Art Museum wedding we are photographing later this year. Early spring is always a tricky time to shoot in Portland but we lucked out with a break in the clouds as we tromped around Tanner Springs Park and Jamison Square with these two. The rain literally stopped right as we started shooting and then picked back up again just when we were ending the session. It was perfect timing and we had an awesome time with Domi and Larry, chatting about camera gear (Larry is a Canon aficionado, just like us) and local restaurants (we all like to eat, apparently). We are even more excited for their September wedding now and can’t wait to see them again soon.


  1. Fun images- I dig the motorcycle mirror photo.

  2. Dona

    I love the pics, Domi and Larry! =D

  3. Gary

    The shot above the fountain is great! You two look so happy!

  4. khanh

    Great pictures! Look forward to your big day!

  5. Renee

    love the pics, especially the scooter one. love you guys!

  6. Babs

    love the photos! beautiful composition!

  7. Aviva

    More shoe love! But I also love the one in front of the fence.

  8. John

    Love the heels!

  9. Oh, I love these!! The one with the fountain is amazing, but I have to be honest….love the close-up on those fabulous shoes!

  10. angela

    love the colors and the couple! can’t wait for the big day!

  11. Zheng

    Is that your bike Larry!? Awesome photos!

  12. Awesome! Love the motorcycle mirror one.

  13. Florence

    Gorgeous color and composition!

  14. Hot stuff y’all! Awesome color!

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