Grammy Jean. In loving memory.

October 26, 2010, Posted in Personal
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A candid shot of Grammy Jean talking with her granddaughter, Lindsay.  March 2009.


  1. Emma

    When I think of Jean, I think of the conversationalist she was. Always interested in what news one had to share and also interesting and ready to discuss any topic. That is a remarkable photo Daniel, it captures her thoughtful gaze.
    We’re thinking of you all at this sad time and sending our love to all of you. xoxo

  2. Lucy Parks

    She was truly a remarkable woman and an incredible force and influence in our lives. Sometimes quite a challenge for us, but always loved by her family. We will miss her very much and it seems so very weird that she is not here any more.
    The circle of life is quite something-my parents-Jean and Gene (Eugene) Ingersoll brought their three daughters into the world in October. They both left us in October-and believe it or not-on the same date October 23rd-although many many years apart from each other(about 17 years apart). They were divorced but always had their 3 daughters as their connection.
    October is a very big and significant month for our family-both my sisters-Kathy October 4th, Amy October 5th, one of my grandchildren-Gavin-October 12th, my daughter Lindsay-October 14th, Amy’s son Jesse October 15th, our dad was October 11th, Larry’s Dad was the same as my birthday October 18th, my kids grandmother on their father’s side October 10th, Larry and my anniversary-October 12th. My older sister’s daughter’s birthday is October 23rd and is pregnant with a new life. Her anniversary is also in October-the 27th I think. Larry’s grandson is October 27th.
    Anyway-thank you again for all your kind thoughts. I hope you are all well.

  3. Lindsay

    Beautiful photo of a beautiful lady. I’ll miss her but photos like this help keep her alive in our hearts. XOXOX Grammy.

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