Daniel Stark Photography Rock N' Roll Bride
Photo by: Daniel & Lindsay
Daniel Stark Photography Junebug Weddings
Photo by: Daniel
Daniel Stark Photography Hot Pink Brides
Photo by: Daniel
Daniel Stark Photography Fearless Photographers
Photo by: Daniel


Junebug Weddings, Rock N' Roll Bride, Hot Pink Brides, Fearless Photographers

April 7, 2011, Posted in Wedding
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It makes me very happy to have my work featured on some of the best wedding blogs and associations in the industry. Recently a collection of my photos from Lacy and Brandon’s edgy wedding was featured in the very cool Rock N Roll Bride website. Also, an image from one of my San Francisco weddings was featured on the well known wedding planning site, Junebug Weddings. One of my black and white shots won an award in the Fearless Photographers, a group that I feel very honored to be a part of. That image was also featured in the Hot Pink Brides. I highly recommend any of these sites for their expertise and I truly thank them for recognizing my photos.

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