Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Daniel
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Lindsay
Photo by: Daniel

Vik & Kristina

Multnomah Athletic Club Wedding

April 22, 2011, Posted in Wedding
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When I first met up with Vik on the day of their Multnomah Athletic Club wedding all he could say was “I am so glad you’re photographing our wedding. Your photos look like they are out of the movies.” Even though I was only hired for a couple of hours, we were able to sneak away for some “movie-like” stills. ┬áVik and Kristina were surrounded by their closest friends and family for their small, cozy ceremony. They are planning for their big wedding in India for next year, where a lot of Vik’s family lives. I was honored to be there on such an intimate day. Now I am just wondering when I should book my ticket to India. ;-)



  1. Awesome work, Daniel. GREAT lighting on all the images.

  2. GTS

    Congratulations..Photos are very nice..Like Titanic couple..Convey my appreciations to the photographer.. – GTS from London

  3. Bev Pongracz

    Kristina and Vic – beautiful pics!!!

  4. korina

    wow! I love the photos! Daniel you do amazing work!

  5. Susan Bivens

    Wow! I am blown away by these and a little jealous! The shot of Kristina by herself is so amazing, it’s right out of a 30s movie! These are all wonderful and you can feel the love and happiness exhuding from them….and I am sad we weren’t there in person to be witnesses.

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